Charter of the Office de Promotion du Tourisme de Wallonie et de Bruxelles

The Ministres in charge of Tourism of the Walloon Region and in the College of the French Community Commission, have entrusted the "Office de Promotion du Tourisme de Wallonie et de Bruxelles" in 1998 with the mission of realising a website assuring the promotion of Wallonia and Brussels on the Internet.

The website's goal is to present the Walloon and the Brussels Region to its inhabitants and to the "rest of the world".

The OPT would like its site to become the starting point for all those who are looking for tourist information on Brussels and Wallonia. It is actually the depositary of an official information, regulated by legal texts handling these matters in our country.

Concerning the data managed by other organizations and available through our website-hyperlinks, we would like to set up a charter where only signatories will be listed on our pages.

This charter specifies that the persons responsible for these sites adhere to a convention by which they engage themselves to respect the following points:
- the information, spread on the site manager's responsibility must be reliable, complete and regularly updated;
- this information must respect the regulations concerning these matters;
- this information must respect the law on copyrights, i.e. property rights including the pattern rights;
- this information must respect the rules regarding the private life including automated means of data processing and the right of image;
- this information must respect the public order and the Belgian legislation in particular;
- this site will respect the principles on which the human dignity is founded, which implies the protection of human life and the rejection of any kind of discrimination.
- this site will see to protect especially the under aged by avoiding any kind of abuse
- if this site offers commercial services:

1. It will see to describe the features of the offered goods and services without misleading the internet user;
2. It will easily, honestly and fairly provide the necessary information to execute the transaction;
3. It will provide the full identity of the vendor or the service supplier.

The principles of this charter are based on several legal texts such as:

The Belgian Constitution

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

If your site meets the abovementioned principles, we would kindly invite you to send an email to [email protected]with the following text:

Yes, my site, which is not a blog, responds to the principles mentioned in your charter and promotes a tourist site or event in Brussels or in Wallonia.
Therefore, I propose you to install a hyperlink from your site to mine.

As far as I am concerned, I will engage myself to install a hyperlink from my site to yours with the help of logos or banners mentioned in your library

Should one of the mentioned conditions specified in your charter not be fulfilled anymore, the OPT has the right to immediately delete the hyperlink to my site..

I confirm this commitment by sending you a fax to +32 2 513 69 50 which will include the text below and which will be signed.


Insofar as the OPT considers that your website meets the conditions described in the charter, you will be listed on our website, provided that you will also refer to ours by using our logos and banners which can be downloaded from our Library.

In case one of the mentioned charter conditions would not be fulfilled anymore, the OPT reserves the right to immediately delete the reference to the specific site.

The OPT Team